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Allen and Lanier King Memorial Fund

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Allen and Lanier King were Hannah's grandparents. Grandpa King died in August 2002, and Grandma King died in June 2011.

Grandpa died before Hannah was born, and did not get to know her, but if you do the math, you will see that Hannah was likely conceived the month Grandpa died. We've always thought that perhaps he had something to do with picking her out.

Grandma, on the other hand, knew Hannah well, praying for her constantly and always concerned about what she could do for Hannah. She knew our focus had to be on Hannah's medical care, so she had intended to use some of her funds to add a much-needed room onto our house to provide a better care space for Hannah. But then Grandma got sick, and all her funds were used for her own care. In her final years she battled dementia, leukemia, balance issues, and strokes, but until she stopped speaking one of the first things Grandma always asked when we visited was, "How is Hannah doing?" In one of our last conversations, she said she wanted anything she had left to go to help Hannah (she didn't know her money had all gone to health care providers), and told us that she would rather people make contributions to help Hannah than to spend money on flowers.

This is our way of honoring her wishes. Contributions made through this site will go directly to support Hannah's needs, administered by Hannah's brother so that they will be kept separate from anything that might be considered Hannah's income. We encourage family and friends who want to honor Allen and/or Lanier to specify contributions as being in memory of one or both. We will, in turn, add your name (subject to your wishes) to the list here of people who have contributed in memory of them.

Grandma and Hannah
Grandma and Hannah

These are really special pictures to us. We don't have a lot of pictures of Grandma and Hannah together, because as Hannah got older her cerebral palsy led her to wiggle and stiffen so it was hard for Grandma to hold her, especially as Grandma became more frail.

Thank you for your support of Hannah, and especially for your memorials in honor of her grandparents. We will soon add more photos of Grandma and Grandpa here, so please check back.

Please use the following button to donate. Be sure to give us instructions in the box you'll see after you click the button below.

Instructions needed include:

  1. Are you donating in honor of Allen and/or Lanier King? If so, please tell us whom you are memorializing with your donation.
  2. How do you want your name listed? If you prefer to remain anonymous, please say so.
  3. If we get no instructions, the donation will default to being listed anonymously in honor of both Allen and Lanier King.
  4. When you reach the Paypal page, please select "Personal" as the type of payment, and "Other" as the reasons.