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Support Groups and Information Resources

This page currently has information on four kinds of resources:

  1. Our "special friends"—the three organizations with whom we are sharing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Trisomy Awareness Bracelets.
  2. Support groups.
  3. Information resources.
  4. Resources listed by specific chromosome.

Our "special friends"

The three groups below have a special relationship with, though an informal one. Not only are they the recipients of donations from the sale of Trisomy Awareness Bracelets, but they were the first groups with which we connected when we were blessed with Hannah and started to realize just how special she was. They would fit under both the support groups category and the information resources category.

Unique is a source of information and support to families and individuals affected by any rare chromosome disorder and to the professionals who work with them. Unique is a UK-based charity but welcomes members worldwide.
S.O.F.T. is a nonprofit volunteer organization offering support for parents who have had a child with a chromosome disorder, and education to families and professionals interested in the care of these children.
Noah's Never Ending Rainbow
The mission of Noah's Never Ending Rainbow is to educate, advocate, raise public awareness, promote strategic alliances and assist families who have children with Trisomy and related chromosome disorders.

Support Groups and Information Groups

We are already changing the way we present information about the support and information groups we know about. The list had gotten unwieldy. We are continuing to develop this page, and intend to offer a variety of ways of looking through the information. If you see a way that we have overlooked, please use the contact page and let us know about it.

Using the form below, you can choose the information you'd like to see.

What listing type would you like?
Support groups
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Chromosome specific groups

If you would like to suggest additional support groups or information resources, please contact us.